On View: Giacomo Bufarini aka RUN’s “Parabola di G” at Howard Griffin Gallery

by Sasha BogojevPosted on

Italian street artist RUN began painting murals on abandoned walls in Bologna and Florence in the 1990s and was one of the essential figures of the Italian underground scene, as well as the European street art movement. His unique and highly recognizable style is constructed of interlocking hands and faces in bright, arresting colors. A prominent local artist, he has also painted murals all over the world, from China to Senegal. These travels have inspired a lot of his work, which is focused on anthropology and the human form. He has been exploring these themes both on the streets and in his studio since his move to London in 2007.

On November 27, RUN opened a unique exhibition and sculptural installation in London’s Howard Griffin Gallery titled “Parabola di G.” This is his first show under his real name, Giacomo Bufarini, and an important step in his career transition from street to studio art. Following the semi-autobiographical story about his own voyage of self-discovery, Bufarini is both the creator and protagonist of this show. Playing with reality and metaphors, the story is told through an expansive series of pen and ink drawings that collectively makes up a book.

Displayed within a complex sculptural installation, which emphasizes the events from the story, the highly detailed drawings share fantastical tales about finding a purpose through countless real and surrealistic, spiritual experiences. During his last seven years of studio work, Bufarini mastered a wide range of media and techniques, including wooden sculpture, printmaking, etching, drawing, and monotyping on wood, canvas and paper. His varied technical skills have allowed him to create an elaborate and unique installation as “Parabola di G.”

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