Opening Night: Kai & Sunny’s “Lots of Bits of Star” at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

by CaroPosted on

Artist duo Kai and Sunny on opening night.

On November 22nd, London artists Kai and Sunny celebrated the opening of “Lots of Bits of Star” at Jonathan Levine Gallery (previewed here). A simple theme ornately executed, their exhibition takes an up close and personal look at the dramatic life stars. As if looking through the lens of a super-telescope, the duo have created inspired images that take the shape of familiar motifs; wild, flowering petals, a flock of birds, to surreal geometric patterns. A certain twinkle is added to the pieces with texture, sheen and materials like mineral powders. Stars twinkle because of turbulence in the atmosphere of the Earth- but Kai and Sunny turn this into something delicate and almost peaceful. Take a look at photos from opening night below, courtesy of Kai and Sunny.

“Lots of Bits of Stars” by Kai and Sunny is on view at Jonathan LeVine Gallery through December 20th.

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