On View: “SUPERFICIE” by Alexis Diaz at Product/81 Gallery

by CaroPosted on

With Art Basel Miami around the corner, international artists are now trickling in to Miami’s local gallery scene. Puerto Rican street artist Alexis Diaz has returned with his solo show “SUPERFICIE” (“SURFACE”), now on view at Product/81 gallery in Wynwood. His large scale murals (previously featured here and here) are instantly recognizable for their colorful, hybrid animals. In recent months, motfis of raven heads with human elements such as hands or skulls are especially prevalent. Diaz’s exhibition showcases a series of new paintings that mirror this dreamlike, or perhaps nightmarish, subject matter. Both earthly creatures and the imaginary are shown is various stages of transformation, enhanced by detailed black lines and pops of color. Throughout his travels over the past year, Diaz has learned to adapt to different conditions of working, much like the species he depicts. In this way, the idea of change is also representative of the artist’s own experiences.

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