New Mural by JAZ at Color Walk Festival in Mexico

by CaroPosted on

Argentinian artist Franco Fasoli, aka JAZ (previously covered here), created this large-scale mural for Color Walk Festival, Mexico last week. The piece coincides with an ongoing national protest. Known as the 2014 Iguala Mass Kidnapping, on September 26th, 43 trainee teachers were abducted and apparently massacred by military forces. JAZ shares, “the mural shows 4 eagles (4 political parties), fighting for 1 serpent (state of Mexico) in an ironic representation of the flag, surrounded by 43 jaguars (the 43 missing students), wearing a typical jaguar mask in the state of Guerrero, 5 tigers (5 students murdered) and only 1 human face, representing the mentor of the whole situation, hidden in the middle.” As time passes and new tragedies develop, his ‘flag’ becomes more ironic. JAZ hopes the mural will serve as both a message to foreigners, and a reminder to end brutality by security forces.


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