Preview: Skinner and Arik Roper’s “New Maps of the the Abyss” at Cotton Candy Machine

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Those unfazed by blood, guts and slime will enjoy Arik Roper and Skinner’s two-man show, “New Maps of the Abyss,” opening this evening at Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn. Skinner (featured in our Hi-Fructose Collected 3 Box Set) is a Oakland-based artist and illustrator whose love of heavy metal and comic books is apparent in his mixed-media work. For “New Maps of the Abyss,” he created an extensive series of acrylic and ink pieces on board. Each neon-hued painting features a different demonic character from Skinner’s personal underworld.

Arik Roper is based in New York and shares a similar aesthetic interest in surreal imagery inspired by fantasy and horror. His watercolor, ink and gouache paintings on paper explore uncharted terrains that, like Skinner’s work, channel the dark side of pop culture. “New Maps of the Abyss” opens November 14, and will be on view through December 7.


Arik Roper:

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