Opening Night: Furtherrr’s “Momentum” at Space Gallery

by CaroPosted on

Left to right: Oliver Vernon, Damon Soule, curator Brian Chambers, Mario “Mars-1” Martinez.

Last week, Space Gallery in Denver unveiled largescale works by artist collective Furtherrr, comprised of Mars-1, Oliver Vernon and Damon Soule (previewed here). Titled “Momentum”, the exhibition showcases their creative development as indivduals and collaborators. As the title suggests, their works radiate with a spacey momentum, dotted with recognizable signatures; Mars-1’s orbs, Vernon’s geometrical compositions, pulled together by Soule’s intricate details. These include new experimentations of media such as bronze sculpture, collage, and ink on paper drawings, with a 10″ x 23″ foot painting as the centerpiece.  In our recent interview with curator Brian Chambers, he described the collaboration as psychedelic and abstract, calling Mars-1, Vernon, and Soule “the kings of modern day psychedelia.” Although these are artists who love to challenge eachother, their motifs come together in a polished way. Take a look at the photos below from the exhibition’s opening, courtesy the gallery and photographer Colin Day.

Furtherrr’s “Momentum” is now on view at Space Gallery through November 27th.

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