Takuma Onoda’s “Cyber Idol” Paintings Trick the Eye

by CaroPosted on

“People are always seeking what they believe,” young Japanese artist Takuma Onoda writes at his website. Being in Japan, he lives in a world with a shared reverence for traditional religion and pop-up culture icons like Hatsune Miku, or his city’s mascot, “Sento-kun”. He combines these contradicting ideas of idol worship into handpainted portraits of “Cyber Idols” that look three dimensional. They heavily rely on the use of drop-shadowing to make the figures pop off the canvas. It’s similiar to fellow artist Kazuki Takamatsu’s (Hi-Fructose Vol. 33 cover artist) depth mapping, but with the addition of psychedelic rainbow and solid gold color palettes. Through the use of these contemporary art techniques and centuries-old ideas, Onoda is observing the evolution of modern faith.

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