Claudia Antesberger’s Technicolor, Disorienting Pastiches

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

German artist Claudia Antesberger paints enormous, overwhelming canvases that sample veritably every color of the rainbow. The first thing that catches the eye when viewing her work, the fluorescent hues evoke childhood pleasures like My Little Pony or Skittles. But among the candy-colored, biomorphic masses, Antesberger explores erotic subject matter as a way of apprehending the subconscious.

Each piece is filled with multitudes of characters and, frequently, pop culture allusions. The artist explained that she inserts often contradictory details to disorient her viewers and make them question their perception of reality. “With every layer of paint I banish normally indisputable familiarity by going deeper and deeper into multi-dimensionality,” said the artist. “So-called reality blurs into a multiplicity of different streams and processes, creating new realities, beyond accepted reality.”


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