On View: “In Missa Interfectionis” Group Show at Stephen Romano Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Ana Bagayan

Just in time for today’s holiday, Stephen Romano Gallery in Brooklyn currently has a group show on display titled “In Missa Interfectionis.” The exhibition glorifies the morbid and macabre, juxtaposing contemporary works by the likes of Colin Christian, Soey Milk and Chie Yoshii with eerie artifacts from various cultures and time periods. A 20th-century Caribbean altar complete with a miniature casket and a 19th-century American illustration of the evolution of monsters are just a couple of the historical curiosities shown with the modern works. These pieces provide context for the newer ones, attesting to humanity’s eternal obsession with death and the supernatural.

“In Missa Interfectionis” is on view at Stephen Romano Gallery though November 30.

Chie Yoshii

Joseph McVetty

Matthew Dutton

Colin Christian

El Gato Chimney

Eric Richardson

Jennifer Mien Mien Lin

Illustration from the American Medical Journal, 19th Century

Mojo Altar, a table of ritual magic equipment made of various plant, animal and man made materials Caribbean Island Region, circa 20th century

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