Preview: “Marilla Blue and Orange” by Mari Inukai at GR2

by CaroPosted on

This Saturday, Mari Inukai is returning to Giant Robot with her expressive new series, titled “Marilla Blue and Orange”. Inukai has long experimented with personal symbolism that blends her fantasy and reality worlds together. For this upcoming show, she takes a step into her imaginary world and brings her recurring subjects, including her daughter, and characters with her. Her narrative begins with a charming collection of pencil drawings, which she brings to life in illustrative paintings. Orange and blue are mixed together, a set of complementary colors that Inukai uses to toy with emotions. Here, she triggers cool, moodiness in blues, tuned up with the positivity and energy of orange. Her cartoonish characters are treated with attention to detail previously reserved for her reality-based figures. Meanwhile, others take delight in this wonderland, wearing bright fashions and headdresses. “Marilla Blue and Orange” by Mari Inukai opens at GR2 on October 25th, 2014.

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