Preview: “Back and Forth” by Hideaki Kawashima at Richard Heller Gallery

by CaroPosted on

This weekend, Richard Heller gallery in Los Angeles will present a much anticipated new series of paintings by Japanese artist Hideaki Kawashima. The show title “Back and Forth” refers to the artist’s interests in change, both in life and stylistically. His signature portraits of boys and girls have always employed a light and secular imagery. In other words, uniform ghost-like beings with only subtle inidivuality. Here, Kawashima elevates his subjects to what he calls ‘symbolic images’, with more color and details than before. Although shown in repetition, as seen in his previous show (featured here), Kawashima’s new style offers different impressions; subtle changes made all the more apparent through his use of intricacy. Kawashima shares, “I always paint “figures” because of my obsession to them including myself. My work does not have any message. But the process is based on trust toward people. I would be happy if I could share something with viewers through this exhibition.”

“Back and Forth” by Hideaki Kawashima opens at Richard Heller Gallery on October 18th, 2014.

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