Opening Night: “Giants Among Us” Group Show at CHG Circa

by CaroPosted on

Last Saturday, CHG Circa showed us every kind of giant you can think of with their group show “Giants Among Us” (previewed here). Giants are a timeless myth that has inspired artists for centuries. For Circa’s contemporary artists- Anita Kunz, Andrew Brandou, Armando Marino, Benjamin Bryce Kelley, Eric Joyner, Joe Fenton, John Brophy, Korin Faught, So Youn Lee, to name a few- giants are monstrous beasts, revered figures, a narrative and a concept.  For Eric Joyner, who dwarfed the space with gigantic contributions, they are giant robots eating donuts and wreaking havoc as they go. For So Youn Lee, a giant is a magical, celestial being that splits into tiny cells of its own image. Joe Fenton presented a comical narrative, framed by an intricate ivory piece that was doumented in a making-of video. Anita Kunz’s illustration is something out of a fairytale book, while KINSEY painted an abstract, mountainous figure that seems to be rising from the sea. With so many literal and wildly conceptual ideas, it becomes a sort of game to find the giant in each. “Giants Among Us” is now on view at CHG Circa through October 4.

So Youn Lee with her piece, “Harmony” on opening night.

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