Etam Cru, Herakut, C215 and Vhils for the MyFinBec Touring Pop-up Show

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September 11 through 13, London hosted the MyFinBec pop-up show, introducing a unique project that merged urban art and wine making. After their initial show at the Cave Fin Bec winery in Sion, Switzerland, and Cologne, Germany, the exhibition was presented at LimeWharf to London’s local art and wine lovers. Once a year, this winery commissions well-established and emerging artists to create labels for their limited edition organic wines through the MyFineBec project. For 2014, the winery introduced a line-up of internationally-recognized artists: Vhils from Portugal, Herakut from Germany, C215 from France and Etam Cru (featured in our current issue, Hi-Fructose Vol. 32) from Poland. The artists were invited to create mural-like works on stacks of wine cases that were later available for sale.

In addition to the large-scale works, this year’s project includes a series of pop-up shows around Europe, giving fans of the artists the chance to see the original works in person. Also, all the pieces are released as limited edition fine art lithographs, printed at Idem Studio in Paris.

The focus of the London show was on this year’s artworks, which were exhibited along with their corresponding limited edition lithographs. The organizers arranged a small projection area where exclusive project footage was shown, as well as a section that featured previous years’ projects with artists such as David Choe, Faith 47, Revok, Mode 2 and others.

After London, the show is moving to Rome where it will be held at Wunderkammern Gallery, from September 25 through 28, and then it’s headed to Berlin for another event with Open Walls at the Stattbad venue from October 8 through 12.

Photos courtesy of Jana Chiellino.

Etam Cru:




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