Opening Night: “Art Collector Starter Kit” 2 at CHG Circa

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Last Saturday, CHG Circa offered pint sized works by their favorite artists in “Art Collector Starter Kit” 2. If you’re like most collectors, you know how to buy art on a piece-by-piece basis, but may not be all that well versed in the art that is collecting. This show offers a solution. In the gallery’s own words, “The motivation behind an exhibition of all 12”x12” paintings stems from the fact that newer collectors, or enthusiasts, who have never bought an original piece from one of their favorite artists, may now do so.” Most followed this rule while others broke the mold, such as Redd Walitski’s inspired oval shaped lazer cut piece and Nouar’s candy-colored resin miniature of one of her characters. We also see paintings by some new faces to Circa, like Yosuke Ueno, So Youn Lee (covered here), and Yukino Fukumoto (covered here), who compliment artists like Shag, Lola, Brandi Milne, Natalia Fabia, and Simone Legno nicely. After all, the greatness of art in a collection is not only determined by the good eye of its owner but the company it keeps. The show is now on view through September 13th.

Lola and Brandi Milne take a selfie on opening night. Photo courtesy CHG Circa.

Natalia Fabia and her little Pear on opening night.

Lola with her work on opening night. Photo courtesy CHG Circa.

Bumblebee with his work on opening night. Photo courtesy CHG Circa.

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