Preview: Gosha Levochkin and Devin Liston at Soze Gallery

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On Friday, September 12th, Soze Gallery will host double solo exhibitions by Los Angeles based Devin Liston and Gosha Levochkin (of DevNGosha, covered here). Titled “GROWN UPS” and “LOST” respectively, the event celebrates their first time exhibiting together since 2012- and highlights their unique dialogue as collaborators. Gosha’s “LOST” will boast 25 colorful watercolor and gouache illustrations. Looking at his drawings is like trying to decipher a Rorschach test from which strange, insect-like creatures emerge. He contrasts playful candy colors against flat black pigments as a way to “pollute them”, or create a visual tension. Liston will also present mixed media paintings in “GROWN UPS”, choosing oil and acrylic as his materials. Here, he explores psychological upset in a narrative about, appropriately, growing up. Themes about life, birth and rebirth, and even death are represented in the words throughout his imagery. Together, the two artists create a subtle dichotomy by focusing on two parts of a combined expression.

Gosha Levochkin:

Devin Liston:

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