Naomi Devil Distorts Time Through Anachronistic Details

by Nick PizanaPosted on

There’s a certain feeling that is triggered when the familiar is distorted and brought into the realm of the unfamiliar. The idea of the uncanny is exactly what Hungarian artist Naomi Devil is aiming to trigger with her latest series of oil paintings. Devil takes the subjects of classic painting and re-arranges them. Removed from their comfortable surroundings, the subjects find themselves among sleek amorphous blobs that billow behind and around them. The blobs almost threaten to absorb the subjects, who are given futuristic laser swords, body piercings and other anachronistic details that bring them further out of sync with their time periods. The end result resembles something from dystopian science fiction.

“Using 3D technology I give a new meaning to these masterpieces. I take out figures from their original context and put them into a new contemporary one,” the artist writes. “By mixing abstraction with figurative art I discovered a language that I would like to discover deeper in the future.”

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