Preview: “Weapons of Mass Seduction” by Victor Castillo and Alex Diamond

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On September 13th, fellow artists Victor Castillo and Alex Diamond will exhibit new paintings at Heliumcowboy‘s temporary space, Holstenhof, in Germany. Although longtime friends, “Weapons of Mass Seduction” is their first time exhibiting together. It was conceptualized as a joint show to celebrate their shared taste in content with a fantasy-inspired narrative.

“Wild Drums” by Victor Castillo, portrayed in black and white at Merry Karnowsky.

When we last covered Victor Castillo, he was experimenting with black and white to comment on dark, social issues. He returns to color here, which he uses to enhance the “perceptual overload” of modern life. His masked characters are shown toying with their environment in ways that are dangerous and exciting. In his piece “Wild Drums,” a young boy loses control to the temptation of a blazing fire and transforms into a ‘big bad wolf’.

Alex Diamond, a project started by Jörg Heikhaus, shares the same approach with completely different materials. His multi-layered wood cut pieces mix painting styles that take on contemporary themes. He woos his subjects with strange devil-like characters, framed in swirling Nouveau-esque shapes. “Weapons of Mass Seduction” exhibits from September 13th through 27th at the Holstenhof, in Germany.

Victor Castillo:

Alex Diamond:

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