Preview: “Art Collector Starter Kit” 2 at CHG Circa

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On August 30th, CHG Circa will showcase some of their favorite artists in their second installment of “Art Collector Starter Kit”.  The show was first created in 2013 to give emerging artists a platform to express new ideas, while creating a smaller-sized ‘starter kit’ of sorts for new collectors.  This year highlights new faces to Circa’s walls like Yosuke Ueno (above), Yukino Fukumoto (covered here), Hikari Shimoda, who debuted last month, and So Youn Lee- paired with Circa regulars Brandi Milne, Shag, Lola, Natalia Fabia, and more. Over 30 artists will present art without a singular theme. Artists such as Yosuke Ueno and Hikari Shimoda take this opportunity to experiment; each portrays their soft, cute subjects contrasted against abstract elements. Others like Brandi Milne and So Youn Lee seem to extend their signature character driven narratives. However, based on what is previewed here, they posess a unified sense of dreamy, candy colors and fantasy.

Miss Van

Richard J Oliver

So Youn Lee


Hikari Shimoda

Camilla d’Errico

Brandi Milne

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