Preview: “Suggestivism” Group Show at Copro Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Heidi Tailifer

Artist and curator Nathan Spoor takes over Copro Gallery in Santa Monica this month for another iteration of his “Suggestivism” group show, an annual exhibition with a rotating roster of contemporary artists. Spoor coined the term “Suggestivism” during his graduate studies to describe the type of ambiguous, fantastical figurative art he was creating. He later discovered that art historian Sadakichi Hartmann used the term as early as 1890 to describe “an art that is possibly more than it seems, or possibly an art that is not what it seems.” The description seems apt for the collection of dreamlike, imagination-driven works in the show, featuring artists like Amy Sol, Dan May, Scott Musgrove, Heidi Tailifer, Michael Page, Hannah Yata and Marco Mazzoni. Spoor has staged past versions of the show in LA, Rome and New York. Take a look at the new work in this year’s rendition below.

“Suggestivism” opens August 16 and will be on view through September 6.

Michael Page

Gregory Jacobson

Jaime Treadwell

Ken Garduno

Scott Musgrove

Hannah Yata

Naoto Hattori

Chris Mars

Peter Ferguson

Marco Mazzoni

Dan May

Amy Sol

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