Studio Visit: Behind the Scenes of Matt Ritchie’s Miniature Paintings in “Confero” at Spoke Art

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Matt Ritchie’s work makes a case for the relevance of the handmade. His flat paintings on custom-shaped panels could easily be misconstrued for digital graphics, but the artist cuts them out of wood and paints the miniature creations by hand in a way that’s adamantly analog given the many shortcuts available for production. No laser cutters are involved.

For his current show at Spoke Art in San Francisco, “Confero,” Ritchie’s work is intended to be viewed on both a macro and micro scale. While many of the paintings are no larger than the top digit of your finger, they are installed within the sprawling pieces and consequently, the larger narrative. It’s clear that Ritchie created this body of work with the gallery install in mind: the work on the walls is methodically organized, grouped by size and color. Though it’s two-dimensional, it’s tempting to think of it as sculpture.

“Confero” is on view through August 23 at Spoke Art. Studio visit photos courtesy of Shaun Roberts.

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