On View: “Mysterium Cosmographicum” Group Show at Stephen Romano Gallery

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Matthew Dutton

Artists’ exploration of the unknown is an age-old practice — a notion that Stephen Romano Gallery’s summer group show “Mysterium Cosmographicum” demonstrates with their diverse roster of artists, contemporary and historical. With its lofty theme, the show explores the role of the artist as prophet or shaman — simply put, someone who uses visual cues to access the spiritual side of human experience.

Curator Stephen Romano paired contemporary artists such as Colin Christian, Martin Wittfooth, Kris Kuksi, El Gato Chimney and others with historical works from his collection — a 1925 painting titled “Apocalypse” by an unknown artist, found in Michigan; an anonymous Tantric painting from India in the 1980s; cosmic mappings by Andrea Cellarius (1596 – 1665); drawings of constellations from the 19th century. By bringing together these disparate works, “Mysterium Cosmographicum” demonstrates how the same question has preoccupied artists for centuries — what lies beyond this world?

“Mysterium Cosmographicum” is on view through August 30 at Stephen Romano Gallery in Brooklyn.

Colin Christian’s sculpture alongside Mahwish Chishty and Joel Lorand

Teiji Hayama

Darcilio Lima circa 1974

Kris Kuksi

Gallery install view

El Gato Chimney

Colin Christian

Alessia Iannetti

Joachim Von Sandrat and PECA

Install view

Install view

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