Hedi Xandt’s Bold Sculptures Juxtapose Classical Imagery with the Macabre

by Ysabelle CheungPosted on

Never one to shy away from the macabre, artist and graphic designer Hedi Xandt is known in art circles for his beautifully ghoulish sculptural pieces, which often incorporate elements of the human skeleton. His fascination with skulls and the human profile has led to a series of busts reminiscent of classical Hellenic Greek art. Taking inspiration from ancient Gods and beauties carved in marble, Xandt transforms these figures of perfection to align with his own dark vision.

Although he’s currently sought after for his graphic designs, the Norwegian Xandt boasts a broad palette of media, from photography to 3D rendering and sculpture. His creative process involves the written word, too. He writes poetry and/or short stories to identify and explore the topics which he then renders in his chosen material. Much of his work deals with dichotomies in aesthetics. In some of his bust sculptures, soft and organic human forms are juxtaposed with the hard, industrial shapes of nails and spikes. See some of his recent work below.

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