Uncanny Photographic Portraits by Romina Ressia

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Argentinian photographer Romina Ressia shoots disorienting portraits, playing with textiles and props to adorn her sitters and their environments. Her recent series, “Renaissance Cubism,” is Ressia’s mash-up of two art historical eras that highly influence her work. She clothes her subjects in the austere black and white costuming of male nobility in the age of Velasquez. But a few seemingly simple placements of props and digital edits make these photographs the stuff of dreams. One character’s wig faces the front and obscures her face, suggesting her head has revolved 180 degrees. Meanwhile, another character wears a box on her head, the opening for her eye moved slightly to the right to complicate the harmonious proportions of her face. In Ressia’s “What Do You Hide?” series, the artist plays with the idea of the mask as a metaphor for the different roles we play, camouflaging the characters’ costumes with their backgrounds. Take a look at some of her work below.

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