Hallucinatory Video Art by Marco Brambilla Comments on Effects of Mass Media

by Roxanne GoldbergPosted on

Recently exhibited at Michael Fuchs Galerie in Berlin and Borusan Contemporary in Istanbul, Marco Brambilla’s 3D video collages use Hollywood’s spectacular visuals and monumental soundtracks to predict an apocalyptic end to the current environment of media saturation.

Born in Milan and based in New York, Brambilla recently created the three-part video series “Megaplex.”Borrowing art historical formats of heaven and hell, he updates them with recognizable scenes from cinema to offer a commentary on the current crisis of image inundation.

Like a contemporary “Garden of Earthly Delights,” “Creation (Megaplex),” begins in a utopian Eden complete with Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music, and ends in the fiery depths of hell with strippers and circus clowns. During the four-minute loop, one watches as an everlasting whirlpool consumes, copulating nymphs, fleeting Pegasus, burning skyscrapers and imposing billboards. Wearing 3D-glasses, the viewer experiences the images as if in the center of the vortex, hit from every angle with a different image that demands his or her attention. The nearly dizzying effect reminds one of the power of cinema while also acting as a warning signal to the danger that accompanies a profusion of images.

An excerpt from “Creation (Megaplex),” Brambilla’s latest work.


A still from “Evolution.” Watch an excerpt from the video on Brambilla’s website here.

A still from “Materialization/De-materialization.” For a clip from the video, visit Brambilla’s website.

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