Preview: Dima Drjuchin and Homeless Cop at BUCKBUCK Gallery

by Roxanne GoldbergPosted on

Pastel-colored, emotionally-driven monsters challenge boldly-outlined, mechanical robots in “MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION: Dima Drjuchin vs. Homeless Cop” (Dima Drjuchin was featured in our brand-new issue, Hi-Fructose Vol. 32). The exhibition opens at BUCKBUCK Gallery in Cleveland on July 5. Its title derives from the political science term, which theorizes that in a world of nuclear weapons, the use of such forces will undoubtedly result in the complete annihilation of both the attacker and defender.

Posing monumentally saccharine compositions by Moscow-born Drjuchin against Internet-inspired graphics by St. Louis-native Homeless Cop (Jason Fennell), “MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION” evokes Cold War rivalries. Caught between a world of chaotic, red-eyed hysteria and a domain of skull-blazoned football helmets, viewers risk being sucked into a Drjuchin-created mothership and falling victim to Homeless Cop’s finger-pointing laser beams.

Posing nature (albeit one of fiction) against machine, the war staged by BUCKBUCK Gallery is tempered by music performances by Corrupt Pilot, for which Drjuchin sings and plays guitar, and Chemical Bomb Police, for which Homeless Cop plays drums.

Homeless Cop:

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