Preview: 2501, Caleb Hahne and Joseph Martinez at Soze Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

While many street artists are known for signature tags or characters, Italian artist 2501’s work is instantly recognizable for an iconic pattern — an organic, zebra-like evolution of stripes that morph into various geometric forms, whether across massive walls or canvases. The cryptic artist never signs his work and his name implies a desire for a certain level of anonymity (it’s nearly impossible to find anything about him online if searching for the numerical digits alone). After a lengthy mural-painting tour across the world that took him from Australia to Mongolia to Canada, 2501 will touch down in LA for his solo show “Nomadic Experiments: Anatomy of Restlessness,” opening June 27 at Soze Gallery.

2501 will be showing alongside Caleb Hahne and Joseph Martinez, whose collaborative and individual drawings for their two-person show, “Close Is Too Far,” reimagine the marble sculptures of Classical Antiquity. Take a look at our preview of both shows below.

Caleb Hahne and Joseph Martinez:

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