Haley Hasler’s Self-Portraits Examine Her Various Roles

by Victoria Casal-DataPosted on

Traditionally, the self-portrait gives the viewer an outward representation of the inner self. Painter Haley Hasler, however, is interested in creating self-portraits that confront the viewer with the exterior self — the different roles and expectations other expect us to fill. With a colorful palette, Hasler looks at herself through the many fantasies, realities, fears and motivations that live within her. Using a realist painting technique, the artist is able to freely cross the border between the imagined and the real.

Following the lead of Cindy Sherman’s iconic, cinematic self-portraits, Hasler paints herself in a variety of outfits and poses, among different, imagined situations that depict surreal, yet tangible occurrences. Whether she is standing is a kiddie pool in the middle of a desert, or picking up after a small toddler while holding a birdcage, Hasler’s image defines her as a real-world heroine — she stands strong and elegant, no matter the situation.

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