Uplifting, Colorful Murals by Dasic Fernandez

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

San Miguel, Chile 2014

Chilean artist Dasic Fernandez’s approach to portraiture is fairly realistic, but his murals become fantastical when he swathes his sitters in fabrics that ooze with bright colors and patterns. Sometimes the fabrics are hijabs, like in his homage to the Yemeni community of Hamtramck, Michigan in 2013. Other times, they’re bandanas intended to obscure the face — a nod to the coverings graffiti writers don to protect themselves from spray paint and to the idea of revolution, which Fernandez flirts with in much of his work. The fabrics open like windows into other worlds, revealing clouds and landscapes that invite the imagination to explore.

New finished mural in Brooklyn, 2014

Dasic painting in Brooklyn, 2014

Dasic painitng in Brooklyn, 2014

Santiago, Chile 2014

Collaboration with Cekis in Buzios, Brazil 2013

Collaboration with Okuda in Valparaiso, Chile 2013

Hamtramck, Michigan 2013

Detriot, Michigan 2013

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