Katharina Grosse Builds Otherworldly Places with Color

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German urban artist Katharina Grosse doesn’t limit her vibrant artworks to a wall- she colors the world around her. Color is absolutely essential to her graffiti that covers buildings, mounds of dirt, and installations that evoke natural wonders like the Northern Lights. Her strokes don’t follow the contours of the chosen environment. They follow that of her own hand as she moves through the space, telling an abstract, emotional narrative.

Katharina Grosse, the artist, at work.

If it looks as though she hovered over the Earth with a spray gun, you would be right. Grosse’s process often involves dangerously leaning over scaffolding or being suspended from a crane. Throughout her career, her materials have varied from the conventional to unconventional; acrylic on canvas paintings and gallery walls to plastic and styrofoam alien-like formations. Among her latest creations, you can find “Just Two of Us” on public view at MetroTech Commons, Brooklyn, and “Who, I? Whom, you?” gallery installation at Graz Art Museum, Austria. Take a look at a selection of Grosse’s recent and former works below.

“Just Two of Us” at MetroTech Commons, Brooklyn

“Who, I? Whom, you?” at Graz Art Museum, Austria

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