New Portraits by “Hi” are Lonely, Together

by CaroPosted on

Japanese artist 非 (meaning “Hi”) first caught our attention in 2012 with his mysterious tumblr of digital illustrations that look like oils. Hi’s portraits of young men, often depicted with a pained expression, are a unique blend of creepiness and happy colors. For writing purposes, we can only guess “his” gender, because Hi keeps his real name, sex and age a secret. Hi intentionally doesn’t sell his works nor does he exhibit in a gallery. What we do know is that Hi is a young artist representing the internet generation, millennials using it for creative tools, inspiration, and reaching audiences on a socially global level.

Hi’s new work continues to portray “lonely” teenagers cut off from the world, but something abstract is now finding its way in. In spite of themselves, their existence online has made it possible for them to be loved and appreciated indefinitely. On some level, Hi captures the irony of feeling alone while being constantly connected to others. Take a look at Hi’s new work below.

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