Recap: Art Market San Francisco 2014

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Bryan Cunningham install at Red Truck Gallery

A city with more headlines about the tech industry than the art scene, San Francisco once had three spring time art fairs: Art Market (formerly, artMRKT), Art Pad and SF Fine Art Fair. Last year it narrowed down two. This year, there was only one art fair left standing: Art Market San Francisco, which ran May 15 through May 18. The closure of the other two fairs did not seem to be a bad omen for Art Market, however, which featured a diverse assortment of national galleries that offered many different flavors of contemporary, from Pop-inspired to dark to abstract. San Francisco art fairs tend to be home-grown productions, with Bay Area galleries dominating the landscape, but this year’s Art Market welcomed many exhibitors from other cities.

Tucked away in the back of the Fort Mason exhibition hall, Red Truck Gallery from New Orleans seemed to have the party booth of the fair. The teal-colored walls of their unabashedly kitschy display area were lined floor-to-ceiling with tongue-in-cheek assemblages by Bryan Cunningham and hilarious, comic book-like tapestries by Chris Roberts-Antieau. Julie Nester Gallery’s booth from Salt Lake City featured a delicate, realist portrait of a lonely woman in an icy, desolate landscape by Jennifer Nehrbass that, though small, left a strong impression with its haunting moodiness.

Chandran Gallery, a San Francisco-based organization that has only been seen at art fairs and pop-up shows and doesn’t yet have a permanent space, focused their booth on mixed-media collaborative portraits by Swoon and Monica Canilao, whose work incorporated drawings and found objects on antiquated-looking paper. Brand-new San Francisco gallery CULT showed embroidered, sculptural speakers by Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon, which the artist created by sewing pleather into ornate, floral-like shapes that conceal an audio system within. She currently has a similar sound installation on view at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

A breath of fresh air from previous years’ fairs (which many complained began to feel a bit stale), perhaps this new iteration of Art Market San Francisco is a good sign for the San Francisco art market after all.

Collaboration by Swoon and Monica Canilao at Chandran Gallery

Fair goers at New Image Art’s booth next to Cleon Peterson and Retna’s works

Andrew Schoultz at Mark Moore Gallery

Detail: Andrew Schoultz at Mark Moore Gallery

Brian Dettmer at Toomey Tourell

Detail: Brian Dettmer at Toomey Tourell

Brett Amory installation at Hashimoto Contemporary

Erik Jones at Hashimoto Contemporary

Alexis Anne MacKenzie and Kirk Maxson at Eleanor Harwood Gallery

Donald Edwards at Jordan Faye Contemporary

Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon at CULT

Jennifer Nehrbass at Julie Nester Gallery

Julie Heffernan at Gail Severn Gallery

Lynn Aldridge at Edward Cella Art + Architecture

Mark Mulroney at Ever Gold Gallery

Sculptures by Miya Ando and painting by Kevin Earl Taylor at K. Imperial Fine Art

Randy Colosky sculpture at Chandra Cerrito Gallery

Roger Shimomura at Greg Kucera Gallery

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