Preview: 123Klan at Station 16 Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Montreal-based artist duo 123Klan, composed of husband and wife Scien and Klor, have been sharing their creative practice since 1992, from graffiti to studio art and design. Since they have exhibited across the world, it’s somewhat surprising that only now will they debut their first solo show in their hometown at Station 16 Gallery on May 8. We last caught up with the partners at the street art festival Pow Wow Hawaii, where they created a mural that combined the blocky compositional elements of Wild Style letters with playfully intense figurative characters. Their new series of paintings for Station 16 is equally tongue-in-cheek. Painted in a flat style with thick, deliberate brush strokes, their work is an interplay of typography and imagery with an offbeat sense of humor that celebrates graffiti culture.

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