Tiny Street Art by Pablo Delgado

by Sasha BogojevPosted on

Mexican artist Pablo Delgado might not be well-known across the world, but he is a local hero in London where he lives and works. The fact that his miniature public works got noticed and recognized in a city with the one of the busiest street art scene in the world makes his story even more special. Though small and hard to notice, his work usually offers a social commentary and is always created specifically for its surroundings. The placement is carefully chosen in order to contribute to and complete the idea of the piece.

Often addressing unfortunate and gloomy subjects, his works brighten up the walls and simultaneously create tension upon closer inspection. He often borrows his imagery from mass media or popular culture, stripping it of its color and rearranging it into surreal scenes and compositions. While flat at their core, his tiny creations cleverly utilize given architectural elements. Through shading, bright colors and incorporating actual objects, his small installations almost literally pop out of the wall into the third dimension.

Recently Delgado has been creating some new works around the city in order to announce his upcoming solo show at Howard Griffin Gallery. Titled “Even Less,” the show is focused on the artist’s ability to tell a lot by showing very little. Opening on May 16, the exhibition will feature a big installation and new, small-scale works, as well as a few editions. While losing the strength of his impeccable placement, the dark messages of his ironic and metaphorical works will surely be in full focus when taken out of the bustling streets of British capital and placed inside the quiet gallery space.

All photos are by Marcus Peel.

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