Hitomi Hosono’s Plant-like Porcelain Sculptures

by Nick PizanaPosted on

London-based sculptor Hitomi Hosono has a versatility that to her work that is hard to miss. Educated in both Japanese and European sculpting techniques, the forms of Hosono’s ceramic sculptures range from having zen-like simplicity to intricate detail. Despite the vast differences in her styles, there is a balance between them, as the styles mirror, yet contrast one another. Her most recent works are compact, plant-like forms look almost like they could be functional vessels, but Hosono makes them sculptural inside and out, with ornate plant-like details and gold-leafing on the insides of the works. Of her work, the artist writes: “I study botanical forms in the garden. I find myself drawn to the intricacy of plants, examining the veins of a leaf, how its edges are shaped, the layering of a flower’s petals. I look, I touch, I draw.”

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