Ephemeral Murals by Phillipe Baudelocque

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

It’s hard to imagine Parisian street artist Phillipe Baudelocque getting many complaints from property owners for putting up his art. His work is fascinating and intricate, and completely ephemeral: Chalk is Baudelocque’s unconventional medium of choice. The artist draws out animal figures with the white substance on dark surfaces, playing with the contrast to give the figures abstract details. Some of his work is strikingly large for being drawn with one chalk mark at a time. On the street, Baudelocque’s work is vulnerable to the elements and it is unpredictable how long each piece will last. Not all of his artwork is impermanent, however. The artist also has a repertoire of drawings on canvas and gallery installations. Baudelocque recently completed a lengthy rhinoceros mural in Paris. Take a look at this and some of his other recent work in the French capital below.

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