Preview: “Archeologies” Group Show at Griffin Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

If the current population vanished, what would future explorers uncover about us when left only with our material belongings to decipher? This is a question posed by the upcoming group show “Archelogies” at Griffin Gallery curated by The Contemporary London, featuring Vasilis Avramidis (HF Vol. 26), Jess Littlewood, Reginald Aloysius and Suzanne Moxhay. The four artists in the show, though working in different media, create deserted environments marked by an eerie absence of inhabitants.

Avramidis’s oil paintings depict architecture, juxtaposing the rectilinear, man-made structures with wild, overgrown moss and plant life. The untamed shrubbery signals the end of the civilization that once inhabited these spaces. Suzanne Moxhay’s photo illustrations apprehend a similar theme of forgotten buildings, except the artist surveys her imaginary subjects from the inside, exposing crumbling interiors where plants thrive in the absence of human occupants.

A photograph of a desert landscape reveals a rainbow vortex at its center in Jess Littlewood’s futuristic work, inviting the viewer’s imagination to explore the possibilities of what it might mean. (An alien spaceship landing strip, or a wormhole to another dimension?) Reginald Aloysius’s work is subtle and monochromatic, superimposing globs of oil paint over a low-contrast, graphite landscape the color of ashes, inevitably evoking their connotation to death.

“Archeologies” opens on April 23 and will be on view through May 23 at Griffin Gallery in London.

Vasilis Avramidis

Suzanne Moxhay

Jess Littlewood

Reginold Aloysius

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