On View: Dima Drjuchin, Ciou and MalOjo at Cotton Candy Machine

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Brooklyn’s Cotton Candy Machine is currently exhibiting three artists whose work explodes with hyperactivity: New York-based Dima Drjuchin, and Ciou and MalOjo, both hailing from Tolouse, France. The three artists reference different illustration styles in their work to create busy compositions that overflow with characters and patterns.

Ciou’s mixed-media drawings are flat yet exquisitely ornate: Each feature of each character is created through rigorously layered patterns that force the eye to keep circling the images to take in all the details. Drjuchin’s work counterbalances Ciou’s largely monochromatic oeuvre with its pastel color scheme. The world he creates seems to be turned up to a high temperature: all the figures appear to be melting, covered in a dripping goo that Drjuchin clearly relishes drawing. It is tempting to say the work is satirical, but Drjuchin makes it evident in his artist statement that he is not interested in judging anyone or anything through his art. Perhaps “farcical” is a better word for the odd, grotesque sense of humor he employs.

MalOjo’s work is what the artist’s name (“evil eye”) suggests: cleverly diabolical. Alluding to comic books and classic cartoons, MalOjo’s colored pencil drawings are done with a washed-out color palette that conceals that mischievous deeds of his cast of characters.

Ciou, Dima Drjuchin and MalOjo’s show will be on view at Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn through May 4.

Dima Drjuchin:



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