Preview: Rone and Charlie Anderson at StolenSpace Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Known for his multi-story portraiture, Australian street artist Rone will debut his first UK solo show at StolenSpace in London this Friday, April 11. Rone’s work primarily focuses on contemplative, solitary women. Though reminiscent of the longing lovers of classic cinema, his characters skip the campy, dramatized poses and express something much more subtle and melancholic. For his solo show, “Wallflower,” the artist took inspiration from the way his murals naturally decay when exposed to the elements. His portraits are layered over collages and found materials that add a gritty element that evokes the street without directly referencing it. In the project room, Charlie Anderson’s solo show “Frequent Moderate Violence” complements Rone’s work with its use of collage, though Anderson opts for pulpy imagery and a rock ‘n’ roll freneticism that differs greatly from the idealized sense of sadness in Rone’s work.

Rone’s “Wall Flower” and Charlie Anderson’s “Frequent Moderate Violence” will be on view April 11 through May 4 at StolenSpace Gallery in London.


Charlie Anderson:

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