On View: Chloe Early’s “Suspended” at The Outsiders

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Fascinated by acrobats and aerial performers, Chloe Early (featured in HF Vol. 26) gracefully captures their seemingly-effortless movements with her light, airy oil paintings. Figures seem to tumble through clouds of color as Early allows the pigment to run down the aluminum sheets she uses as her canvases, letting the colors blend and evolve on their own. Her characters fall through the abstract fields like sleepers descending into their dreams. Early’s current solo show, “Suspended,” opened at The Outsiders in London on April 4 and will be on view through May 3. The artist collaborated with filmmaker Andrew Telling on a short film based on her inspiration for the show. Watch the video and take a look at some of the paintings in the exhibition below.


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