Opening Night: Moneyless and Augustine Kofie’s “Assioma”

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Though their aesthetics are different, Augustine Kofie and Moneyless share a background in graffiti and an interest in geometry that drives the evolution of their work. One could say that their work has evolved along parallel tracks: Both honed their painting skills in the graffiti scenes of the early ’90s in their respective locales, Moneyless in Milan and Tuscany and Kofie in LA. At some point, letters were not enough, and both artists began to deconstruct the curves and angles of the alphabet until they yielded the styles of abstract, street-influenced painting they practice today.

The two artists initially met in San Francisco in 2010 and have since then had a mutual respect and admiration for each other’s work. Avantgarden Gallery in Milan invited them to do a two-person show, “Assioma” (which translates to “axiom,” a logical principle that echoes both artists’ interest in geometry), and gave them a short, 10-day residency that resulted in many of the collaborative artworks in the exhibition. Moneyless’s work is marked by a repetition of circular forms — a single shape that echoes and reverberates against itself until new, psychedelic patterns are formed. Kofie is much more interested in angles and lines, his work a sort of flattened architecture with vectors that appear to cut through the atmosphere with rapid movement.

“Assioma” opened on March 1 and is on view through March 29 at Avantgarden in Milan. Check out some opening night photos below.

Photos by Marco Montanari.

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