Julien Pacaud’s Whimsical Collages Repurpose Retro Visuals

by Victoria Casal-DataPosted on

French artist and illustrator Julien Pacaud declares his love of time travel and vintage imagery through surreal, alternate worlds that emerge from a variety of witty collections of collages and illustrations. A self-proclaimed “astrophysician, snooker player, hypnotists and Esperanto teacher,” Pacaud makes a living by working on marketing ads and editorials; even then, he still remains true to his decree. Through his personal work, we encounter the familiar and the strange through mesmerizing fictional landscapes that evoke early-20th-century films, and an aesthetic that comes from the surreal terrains and wacky happenings reminiscent of the likes of Rene Magritte. Even though Pacaud is interested in visuals from the 1900s to the 1970s, his way of arranging and mixing images with illustration creates a fascinating mythology of a not-too-distant future where the impossible becomes a possibility and the old becomes new once again.

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