Preview: Sandra Chevrier’s “Les Cages: A Fractured Gaze” at Mirus Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Canadian artist Sandra Chevrier’s collaged portraits utilize a facet of pop culture that has never, until recently, been regarded as “for women”: the superhero comic book. In recent years, the world of comics has broken down its macho modus operandi, yet the superhero narrative continues to be emblematic of a dichotomous, stereotypical view of gender. Chevrier creates portraits of women, reclaiming the narratives they have been excluded from by collaging climactic scenes from Batman and Superman into masks that hide the female sitters’ true identities. For her upcoming show, “Les Cages: A Fractured Gaze,” Chevrier said that she intentionally depicted the masks as suffocating and oppressive, symbolizing the gender discrimination that persists today. “Les Cages” opens on April 5 at San Francisco’s Mirus Gallery and will be on view through May 10.

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