On View: Junko Mizuno and David M. Cook at Cotton Candy Machine

by Scott BaileyPosted on

David M. Cook (featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 17) and Junko Mizuno (Hi-Fructose Vol. 23 cover artist) at first might seem like an odd pairing for their two person art show currently on view at Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, but when seen together their work couldn’t feel more natural. What ties them together are characters who look to be good natured but are full of mischief. Whether it is one Cook’s demons or Mizuno’s ladies, the characters seem comfortable with carnage, with a likable look and a devilish plan. Cook’s work screams heavy metal and brings exactly the kind of anarchy you would expect from an artist who also goes by the name Bonethrower. Mizuno’s gothic, kawaii style features themes of gore, fire and carnage being inflicted by or upon fearless female characters. Altogether, the exhibition is a wonderful combination of childlike wonder, terror and gore.

Junko Mizuno and David M. Cook’s show opened March 7 and will be on view at Cotton Candy Machine through April 1.

Junko Mizuno:

David M. Cook:

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