Ivan Puig’s “Sinking” Installations

by Danny OldaPosted on

A feeling of sinking is something artist Ivan Puig explored in his installation Hasta las Narices and revisited in the installation Crecimientos Artificiales.  In Hasta las Narices a white Volkswagen Beetle appears to be nearly fully submerged in a white liquid, perhaps milk.  Nearby, a life size but two dimensional man is similarly sinking, maybe struggling to keep his face above water.  The same installation finds the drama playing out on an entirely different scale, in a glass of milk-like water.  For Crecimientos Artificiales, Puig installs a a group of chairs, a class room’s-worth, in front of a school.  Despite the solid block-covered ground, the chairs appear to be in various stages of sinking, a commentary on a sinking and antiquated educational system.

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