Opening Night: “Last Rites” Group Show at Last Rites Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Scott G Brooks with his work

Last Rites Gallery recently moved into a new location on W 38th St in New York City, and for their inaugural show in the space, they hosted an exhibition that hearkens back to the gallery’s roots and while acknowledging its evolution. For their current exhibition, “Last Rites,” owner Paul Booth and director Erika Berkowitz asked 40 artists to interpret the gallery’s namesake. Some of the works, like Chris Haas’s haunting bone sculptures and Xiao Qing Ding’s mixed-media work on paper, focus on the physicality of death with their chilling portrayals of decomposition. Other artists like Gerard Di-Maccio and Hannah Yata presented surreal paintings with a much lighter mood, portraying the last rites before death as a sort of induction into another realm, or even a glorious rebirth. Take a look at the work in the show and some opening night photos by Paola Duran.

“Last Rites” is on view through April 12.

Gerard Di-Maccio

Matthew Bone

Yoko d’Holbachie

Allison Sommers with her work

Xiao Qing Ding

Xiao Qing Ding with her work

Hannah Yata

Naoto Hattori

Marco Mazzoni

Chris Haas with his work

Billy Norrby

Exhibiting artists Scott G Brooks and Matt Dangler with Gallery Director Erica Berkowitz

David Stoupakis

Last Rites owner Paul Booth with exhibiting artist David Stoupakis

Adam Wallacavage

Mary Leigh, Paul Acker and friends

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