Cesar Biojo’s Deconstructed Portraits

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Cesar Biojo can paint with a pristine, realist perfection, but he refuses to make his paintings that simple. His canvases are marked by physical, aggressive marks. One can imagine Biojo shading the faces and limbs of his subjects with delicate brushstrokes and then going back to destroy his work, smearing the beige-colored paint to turn the portrait into something more. His paintings often focus on single subjects stripped from their context — there is no clothing or interior decor to provide clues as to who these people are. But this information would only be superfluous. Biojo’s work shines through its ability to create tension and intrigue through dabs of peach, salmon and brown shades of oil paint, illustrating emotional turmoil through these abstract marks.

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