Caitlin Hurd’s Dreamy, Contemplative Paintings

by Victoria Casal-DataPosted on

More often than not, we find that photography tends to be the one medium that lets us realistically experience moments suspended in time. Caitlin Hurd’s figurative paintings, however, have the power to do that too, but in a less literal way. After surviving a hit and run, Hurd’s priority as an artist shifted; her objective from then on was to capture the moments most prominent in her mind.

With a hazy, dreamy aesthetic, Hurd has the ability to create scenarios that are evocative of distant memories. Through metaphorical imagery, surreal settings and unusual, floating, dead-weight subjects, the artist has the ability to communicate emotions and feelings that are suggestive of personal experiences. These paintings, she says, “are an attempt to make sense of the accident. My work is focused on the line dividing what is experienced and what cannot be expressed in words.”

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