Enid Almanza’s Extraterrestrial Fashion Designs

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

One might look at Texan fashion designer Enid Almanza’s creations with perplexity, wondering how one could possibly wear such garments. But for Almanza, practical wearability isn’t the point. The designer creates sculptural accessories, dresses and shoes using found objects. Large and ornamental, his pieces are conglomerates of pre-existing forms, absorbing silverware, knickknacks and metal architectural embellishments into baroque arrangements intended to transform the human body. Almanza’s styling complements his otherworldly accoutrements. He recently collaborated with photographer Cameron Durham on an editorial photo shoot entitled “Beautiful Decay.” Wearing his latest collection, the models look like futuristic divas engaging in occult rituals set in a timeless space that simultaneously channels 3000 BCE and AD.

The additional artwork featured in the photos is by Sharon Kopriva.

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