Behind the Scenes of Brett Amory’s “Twenty-Four in London” at Lazarides

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Brett Amory has allowed his natural voyeurism guide his creative evolution. His latest body of work “Twenty-Four in London” is a progression of his Waiting series, Amory’s ongoing documentation of passersby through vague, muddled and often haunting paintings of the everyman. Amory slowly and methodically walks the streets of whatever city he finds himself in, stopping to duck into laundromats, corner stores and diners to take hasty iPhone snapshots and field recordings. This anthropological research style yields telling works of art that illuminate the social dynamics of urban spaces. Sometimes his work zeroes in on specific (yet still anonymous) characters, and other times it apprehends broader truths about social class and gender relations.

Amory’s upcoming solo show, “Twenty-Four in London” at London’s Lazarides Rathbone, is the third iteration of his “Twenty-Four” series previously executed in San Francisco and New York, where the artist documented 24 hours in each metropolis. “Twenty-Four in London” incorporates site-specific installation elements that will transform the gallery into dreamy, hazy re-imaginings of the locations the artist visited. Hi-Fructose visited Brett Amory’s Oakland studio as he was putting the finishing touches on his new work. Take a look at some photos from the visit below.

“Twenty-Four in London” opens March 7 and will be on view through April 3.

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