Preview: Sam W. Grant’s “Double Vision” at Loakal

by Nick PizanaPosted on

Bay Area-based painter and photographer Sam W. Grant will be displaying new works from both sides of his creative practice at his upcoming exhibition “Double Vision,” opening March 7 at Loakal Gallery in Oakland. Although the paintings and photographs in the exhibition play up the classic atomic household and other images of mid-century nostalgia, Grant considers the two processes to be very different.

“I guess my paintings are somewhat bright and big, and seem to have a sort of pulp-pop, surrealist look, where as my photographs are small and tend to portray an old-fashioned analog sensibility,” Grant said. “I think my painted work is much more character-driven and obvious. On the other hand my photography is landscape dominant, and usually presented as little windows, so-to-speak, that look out to another world.”

“Double Vision” is the first time Grant has displayed his photography and paintings together.

“I wasn’t totally comfortable with the idea of having a show where the two would be brought face to face and viewed at the same time,” he continued. “However, bringing the two bodies of work in preparation for this show has exposed some similarities, such as a vibrant color palette, and an undeniable retro/vintage visual sensibility.”

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